What’s the Uniqueness of Hawach Vacuum Filtration Device?

Vacuum filtration device is a commonly used laboratory equipment. Hawach is a professional laboratory vacuum filtration device supplier, with a wide range of models, which can be used for vacuum filtration of different laboratory needs.

About the basic operation of the vacuum filtration

1. The solvent filter cannot be moved as a whole, also not with a clip, as it is fragile.
2. Selection of filter membrane should be qualified products, unqualified will dissolve impurities, soak the solvent to be filtered for 24 hours to see if there is a dissolution phenomenon, to examine the quality of the filter membrane.
3. The filter membrane is divided into organic and water systems, and the operator should distinguish it.
4. Water-based filtration, organic membrane for organic, mix after filtration, and which ratio of the mobile phase after mixing is large and which membrane is used.
5. The membrane is not divided upside or downside anyway, but the smooth side up, the rough side down. the filtering effect will be better.
6. Do not discard the waste filter membrane at will. The filter membrane is polluting the environment and should not be disintegrated. Collect for unified processing.
7. When the oil-free vacuum pump supporting the solvent filter is pumping, do not pull the hose after the liquid is empty, it is not suitable to pull it out, it will flatten the hose, and stop the pump when there is a little liquid left.
8. Avoid secondary pollution for the filtered solvent.

Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Components of vacuum filtration device

Multi-connected glass: glass filter cup, high borosilicate filter head, stainless steel filter holder 316L, stainless steel valve, aluminum alloy clip, dust cover, rubber plug.
Stainless steel multiple: stainless steel vacuum filtration: 316L cap, head, holder and valve, aluminum alloy clip, dust cover, rubber plug.
Solvent filter: Triangular effusion bottle (1L) sand core filter, filter cup (300ml), retaining clip, dust cover, hose, hose connector.

Features of vacuum pump

1. Advanced design, high working efficiency, and long service life.
2. No working medium is required (no oil pump), no pollution, and filter material is built in the gas exchange compartment of the device to ensure the purity of the air.
3. Ideal vacuum and high air velocity.
4. The motor used is provided by ODM, the professional motor manufacturer.
5. Equipped with a thermal cut-off protector, when the temperature of the vacuum pump reaches 130℃, the power will be cut off automatically to protect the motor from loss.
6. Adopt non-friction membrane body movement, no heat, no friction loss. The diaphragm adopts imported rubber, corrosion resistance and long service life.
7. It installs a cooling exhaust system that can be operated automatically to guarantee the 24-hour smooth operation.
The anti-corrosion pump (anti-corrosive type) is in surface contact with Teflon and has full chemical resistance.

Stainless steel multiple vacuum filtration devices

1. Can process multiple samples at the same time without contaminating each other and improve work efficiency.
2. Stainless steel filter is easy to be sterilized by high temperatures, and resistant to high temperature and corrosion damage.

Solvent filter

1. High-quality glass material, the glass is smooth and transparent, with no bubbles, with uniform wall thickness.
2. Using ultra-hard high-quality glass material, resistance to extreme temperature changes up to 280℃.
3. It has good pressure resistance and can be used for autoclaving.
4. Fast flow, excellent sealing, standard grinding.
5. Dimensions are in line with international standards and can be compatible with various brands.