What Should Be Purchased for Vacuum Filtration to be Used Normally?

1. Vacuum pump: Oil-free vacuum pump, oil-free pump is a kind of dry vacuum pump which can be used directly after connecting power supply. The inlet end of the filter pump is equipped with a vacuum regulating valve, and the vacuum regulating valve is equipped with a vacuum meter to facilitate the observation of the working state of the instrument, and to adjust the pressure and pumping speed as required. Many customers have to buy a filter pump when they purchase the filter device. Because the aperture of the filter membrane, filter paper, filter cloth or filter mesh is small, it will cause great resistance to the liquid passing through the filter membrane, resulting in the liquid unable to pass through the filter membrane effectively. The filter pump can form pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter bottle, thus making the outside air fast. Quickly push the filtrate through the filter membrane. Without the use of the pump liquid, the filter membrane can only be permeated naturally. Drops of filtrate can be dripped into the collection bottle. So the filter pump is an essential part.

2. Filter cup: it is more convenient to choose a cup with a graduated line.

3. Automatic suction cup cover: Users only need to use hoses to connect one end to the automatic intake interface, and put the other end into the filter to be filtered. After opening the switch, the filter automatically sucks the filter cup and begins to filter. It does not need to manually pour the sample again. It is easy to operate.

4. Place the base of the filter membrane: To prevent the filter membrane, the surface should be flat, the filter membrane should not be scratched, and the connection with the filter cup should be as simple as possible, without using clamps or fixtures.

5. Filter bottle: used for holding filtrate or waste liquid after filtration. The bottom of the filter bottle of vacuum filter device is designed with a quick drainage port. After the filtration, it is not necessary to remove the filter bottle and pour out the filtrate. It is only necessary to loosen the clamp of the bottom outlet to drain the liquid quickly, or even to change the drainage edge. Improve efficiency and operate conveniently.

6. Fixed seat: stabilize the filter bottle to avoid misoperation or accidental shaking to cause the filter bottle to fall.

7. Filtration membrane: Equipped with filtration membrane with aperture of 0.45 micron and diameter of 47 mm. However, users can also choose appropriate filter membranes with aperture and material according to their own needs. The pore size and material are not affected by the filter device and are selected according to customer’s experimental needs.

8. Water blocking protector: built-in polytetrafluoroethylene hydrophobic membrane, which can obstruct 100% suction liquid.