Vacuum Pump For Vacuum Filtration Components

Vacuum filtration is equipped with vacuum suction pump. The oil-free pump is a dry vacuum pump which can be directly used after connecting the power supply. The inlet end of the filter pump is equipped with a vacuum regulating valve, and the vacuum regulating valve is equipped with a vacuum meter to facilitate the observation of the working state of the instrument and to adjust the pressure and pumping speed as required.

Many customers have to buy a vacuum pump when they purchase vacuum filtration. Because the aperture of the filter membrane, filter paper, filter cloth or filter mesh is small, it will cause great resistance to the liquid passing through the filter membrane, resulting in the liquid unable to pass through the filter membrane effectively.

The vacuum pump can form a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter bottle, thus making the outside air fast. Quickly push the filtrate through the filter membrane. Without the use of the pumped liquid, the filter membrane can only be permeated naturally and drop by drop into the collecting bottle. So the filter pump is a necessary part.