The Installation Steps of Vacuum Filtration

The vacuum filtration described below is suitable for laboratory users. The specific installation methods are as follows:

1. Put the liquid collecting bottle and vacuum pump of the vacuum suction filter device on the flat surface respectively.

2. Align the filter base with the bottle mouth of the collecting bottle and slowly put it down.

3. Take out the pre-prepared filter membrane and spread it on the filter gasket. The filter membrane should cover the whole filter gasket completely.

4. Align the filter cup with the filter base. When placing the filter cup, pay attention not to move the paved filter membrane. When installing the filter bottle and the filter base, attention must be paid to alignment, otherwise, leakage may occur during the filtration process.

5. Clamp the filter cup and the filter base with an aluminum fixture. Hold the filter cup when installing the fixture to avoid dumping the whole set of filter bottles.

6. Insert the connecting hose into the glass interface of the filter bottle and the interface of the vacuum pump.

7. Plug in the power supply of the vacuum pump.