Sterilization Method and Filtration Speed of Glass Solvent Filters

Glass solvent filters(300mL Glass Solvent Filter, 500ml Glass Solvent Filtration Apparatus) are used for solvent particle removal and water phase mobile phase filtration. All components of glass solvent filters in contact with solvents are made of chemically inert glass or PTFE materials, which are used in combination with regenerated cellulose (RC) filter membrane, especially suitable for removing particles and degassing filtration of mobile phase in chemical analysis such as HPLC, GC, and AA.

The outlet position of glass solvent filters is far lower than the HNT10 vacuum pump interface position, making the suction and filtration process safer. The polypropylene hose is used to securely connect the vacuum hose.

Sterilization method of glass solvent filters

High-pressure sterilization (121 ℃ or 134 ℃), or dry sterilization (180 ℃), before sterilization, first remove the hose interface.

Standard filtration speed (90% vacuum degree) of glass solvent filters

0.2μm filter membrane: 200ml/ min
0.45μm filtration membrane: 600ml/ min
0.8μm filtration membrane: 2.2l/ min

Material and components of glass solvent filters

Borosilicate glass funnel, the suction filter assembly, and suction filter bottle, glass filter film support pad, PTFE protection washer, 45x3mm fluorine rubber seal ring, plated aluminum clip, polypropylene hose coupling.