Stainless Steel Vacuum Filtration Precautions

The laboratory vacuum filtration device is a commonly used instrument in the laboratory and can be used to separate particles and the like from liquid samples. Hawach stainless steel multi-filter vacuum filtration can carry out multiple (single, three, six) sample filtration at the same time, only one vacuum gas source can complete all operations, saving a lot of time, convenient and fast.
The multi-joint bracket is preferably 316L stainless steel that has been polished. It is resistant to most corrosive liquids and is used with glass or stainless steel diaphragm filters.
1. Each stand has a separate switch that can be operated separately.
2. The stable low center of gravity design prevents it from tipping over due to full solution loading.
3. The oxidized, beautiful aluminum handle distributes the ends of the base for added stability.

The diaphragm vacuum pump should pay attention to the following items in daily use:
1. A suitable vacuum pump should be used to match the vacuum filter bottle. If the vacuum pump with too much pressure may damage the filter membrane or the filter bottle during the suction filtration process, if the pressure is too small, the suction filtration effect cannot be achieved.
2. When filtering the sample each time, you should pay attention to the liquid level in the liquid collecting bottle, and pour out the remaining liquid in time before the liquid collecting bottle is full. Continued operation after the liquid collection bottle is full will cause the liquid to be sucked into the vacuum pump, which will easily cause damage to the vacuum pump.
3. After each use of the filter bottle, it should be promptly cleaned to avoid bacterial growth. If it is necessary, it should be autoclaved in time.