Solvent Filter Device of Vacuum Filtration

Brief introduction

The solvent filter device is an important part of vacuum filtration. The filter device has two forms: a single filter bottle or filter combination kit. Single solvent filter bottle or solvent filter combination kits are often used in conjunction with vacuum pumps for a wide range of liquid laboratories.

Composition and classification

In general, the solvent filter device consists of a triangular collection bottle, a filter head, a filter cup, and a fixing clip. Depending on the material, the solvent filter device has two common materials, high-quality glass or 316L sanitary stainless steel.

Two common materials

The glass solvent filter device is divided into single-channel and multi-connected devices. Multi-connected devices are composed of glass filter cup, borosilicate filter head, stainless steel filter bracket 316L, stainless steel valve, aluminum alloy clamp, dust cover, and rubber plug.

The stainless steel only has the multi-connection form, the main component has the entire stainless steel filter cup 316L, the stainless steel filter support 316L, the stainless steel valve, the aluminum alloy clamp, the dust cover, the rubber plug.

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