Provide Powerful Scientific Support for the Epidemic Prevention and Control

Until March of 2020, the Chinese government and people have kept making great efforts to fight against the Coronavirus. However, we still do not completely figure out issues such as the host, route of transmission, pathogenesis, perniciousness, diagnosis and treatment scheme, and treatment drugs.

Under the circumstances, all the scientific and technical workers are working hard and try their best to provide powerful scientific support for epidemic prevention and control. As a result, the following aspects should be paid great attention to:

1. In order to improve the recovery rate and reduce the death rate, we should enhance the combination of the research of drug and medical facilities with clinic treatment. More importantly, to speed up the progress of drug research, we need to persist in the combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine, and expedite the application and selection of effective drugs and treatment methods, such as convalescent plasma, stem cells, and monoclonal antibody;


2. We should promote the organic link between the research and industrialization of vaccines, and fully prepare for the possibly normalized prevention and control. At the same time, the domestic institutions need to closely track the progress of research and development in foreign countries and strengthen cooperation with them;

3. The source and route of transmission of coronavirus must be figured out. Luckily, the development of new technology provides new methods to trace the virus. Specifically, the scientists can utilize the combined features of viral protein and different receptors to evaluate the possibility of suspicious animals as the intermediate hosts. At the same time, the technical workers can use artificial intelligence and big data to research on the epidemiology, and improve the accuracy and the screening efficiency;

4. It is good for the community to support workers to pay great attention to the mental health conditions of the community residents and comprehensively strengthen the work of psychological counseling;

5. Learning from this year’s coronavirus outbreak, we all should understand that serious infectious diseases and biosecurity risk are closely related to the safe development of the country and the overall stability of the society. As a result, it is important to strengthen the communication with World Health Organization and improve the cooperation with those countries which are suffering heavy coronavirus outbreaks in the aspects of researches on source trace, development, and test of drug and vaccine. At the same time, the share of research data and information is critical.