Stainless Steel Single-Branch Vacuum Filtration Manifold

No.: SLOSF03001
Branch: Single-branch
Funnel Size: 300 mL
Funnel: SS316L
Support Screen: SS316L

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Description of SS Vacuum Filtration Manifold

Hawach offers 316L stainless steel single-branch vacuum filtration manifold, with features of the advanced design, anti-acid and alkali, quick filtration sample, long service life, easy cleaning, easy operation, and other advantages. This filtration manifold can be widely used in many fields including environmental protection, the chemical industry, biochemical pharmacy, food, etc. They are welcomed by clients all over the world.

Here’s a basic description of the components and functioning of a vacuum filtration manifold:

  • Base: The base of the manifold is made of 316L stainless steel and provides stability and support for the entire setup. It contains single or multiple ports or openings to accommodate various filtration units.
  • Vacuum Port: The manifold has a vacuum port connected to a vacuum source, such as a vacuum pump. The vacuum source generates negative pressure or suction, which helps drive the filtration process.
  • Filtration Units: The manifold can accommodate several filtration units simultaneously. These units are composed of a filter flask, a filter funnel or holder, and a filtration membrane or paper. The filtration unit is attached to the manifold using the appropriate adapters or connectors.
  • Adapters and Connectors: The manifold has adapters or connectors that allow the filtration units to be securely attached to the ports on the base. These adapters ensure a tight seal to prevent any leakage during the filtration process.
  • Control Valves: The manifold may also include control valves or stopcocks that allow you to control the vacuum pressure and regulate the flow of the filtrate. These valves are used to start or stop the filtration process and adjust the vacuum level as needed.

Advantages of SS Vacuum Filtration Manifold

  • In the filtration process, an integrated solution is used to support the pollution-free oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump.
  • The entire filtration system can be safely placed and operated efficiently in laboratories, clean rooms, and clean benches.
  • Stainless steel Buchner funnel filters are easy to autoclave and resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.
  • It has the advantages of safety and reliability, superior performance, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, high efficiency, and energy-saving.


  • High sensitivity and simple operation.
  • According to the needs of the operator, filter membranes of different materials in a vacuum filtration manifold can be used to filter different kinds of samples, such as suspended matter in the sample, bacteria, chlorophyll, etc.
  • Suitable for laboratory solution filtration.

Technical Data

No.BranchFunnel SizeFunnel ValveSupport ScreenScreen Pore SizeConnectionCollection Bottle
SLOSF03001Single-branch300 mLSS316LSS316L100 μmStopper SS316L1000 mL

Ordering Information

DescriptionPart No.Pcs/pack
Multiple vacuum filtration system – single branch stainless steelSLOSF030011
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