Glass Triple-Branches Lab Vacuum Filtration System

No.: SLTGF03001
Branch: 3-branch
Funnel Size: 300 mL
Funnel Valve: Glass

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Description of Glass Lab Vacuum Filtration System

A glass triple-branches lab vacuum filtration system with the Buchner funnel can simultaneously filter a single sample or several samples, saving a large number of sample test times.

The lab vacuum filtration system can filter more samples at the same time, and a single funnel can be filtered or controlled at the same time in three funnels.

The filter membrane base part of the filter bottle is made of high-quality sand core: the sand core material is meticulous, so there is no need to worry about filter membrane damage during the filtration process; the uniformity of the pore size can greatly increase the filtration rate.

Features of Lab Vacuum Filtration System

  • 47 mm or 50 mm diameter membrane;
  • Glass and 316L stainless steel funnels are available;
  • Independent control valve for simultaneous operation of multiple sample filters;
  • It is recommended to cooperate with vacuum pump SLVPGM050B.


It is widely used in chemical analysis, biochemical pharmacy, sanitary inspection, environmental testing, water quality analysis, food, beverage, scientific research, etc. This product is in accordance with American pharmacopeia standards.

It can detect three or six samples(see the 6-branch glass filter) at the same time with high sensitivity and simple operation.

According to the needs of operators, it can select different filter membranes of different materials to filter different samples, such as suspended substances, bacteria, chlorophyll, etc., which is suitable for the filtration of laboratory solutions.


Technical Data

No.BranchFunnel SizeFunnel ValveSupport ScreenScreen Pore SizeConnectionCollection Bottle
SLTGF030013-branch300 mLGlassPTFE20 μmGround Joint1000 mL

Ordering Information

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Multiple vacuum filtration system – 3 branches glassSLTGF030011
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