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500ml Glass Solvent Filters

No.: SLGSF05002
Branch: Single
Funnel Size : 500mL
Funnel Valve: Glass



Description of 500ml Glass Solvent Filters

The 500mL glass solvent filters are made of super-hard glass, and the collection bottle is 2000ml. The glass solvent filter has good pressure resistance and can be used in high temperature and high-pressure autoclave. Grinding standard, and dimensional specifications of the glass solvent filter are in line with international standards and can cooperate with many foreign brands. All our glass solvent filters are well suited to our vacuum pumps.

Features of 500ml solvent filtration

Branch: Single
Funnel Size : 500mL
Funnel Valve: Glass
Support Screen: Pyrex glass
Screen Pore Size: 10μm
Connection: Ground Joint
Collection Bottle : 2000mL

Advantages of 500ml solvent filtration

High quality extra hard glass;
International standard size, 500mL/2000mL
Excellent fitting with the vacuum pump
The whole set can be used for Sterilization at high temperature and high pressure


Solvent filtrations are commonly used equipment in chemical laboratories, which plays an important role in removing impurities that affect the life of the chromatographic column and the accuracy of systematic detection. The degassing effect is also obvious during the filtration process. The instrument is widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, chromatographic analysis, colloid separation, aseptic detection, and other fields


Technical Data

No. Branch Funnel Size Funnel Valve Support Screen Screen Pore Size Connection Collection Bottle
SLGSF05002 Single 500mL Glass Pyrex glass 10μm Ground Joint 2000mL

Ordering Information

Description Part No. Pcs/pack
500mL Glass Solvent Filter SLGSF05002 1
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