300ml Glass Solvent Filters

No.: SLGSF03001
Branch: Single
Funnel Size : 300mL
Funnel Valve: Glass
Support Screen: Pyrex glass



Description of 300ml HPLC Solvent Filters

300ml Glass Solvent filters are common equipment in the chemical laboratory. In the chromatographic analysis, 300ml glass solvent filters play an important role in removing impurities that affect the lifetime of the chromatographic column and the accuracy of system detection. Therefore, this solvent can be collocated with HPLC columns: first filter the solution with the glass solvent filter, purify it, and then use the HPLC instrument to detect its compounds. In the filtration process, the HPLC solvent filter also has an obviously degassing effect. The degassing effect is also obvious during the filtration process.

Advantage of 300ml HPLC Solvent Filters

300 funnel
47, 50mm diameter membrane
Ground Joint
Working at high temperatures up to 121 °C
High-quality glass material, smooth and transparent glass, no bubbles, uniform wall thickness
Accept small orders

Application of 300ml Glass Solvent Filters

The solvent filtration has been widely used in weight analysis, microanalysis, chromatographic analysis, colloid separation, and asepsis tests.
The working process is such that the liquid poured into the funnel passes through the filter, the filter retains the particles, and the filtrate can be collected into the filter bottle either directly or through a vacuum manifold.
The product size conforms to international standard sizes and is especially suitable for high temperature and high-pressure sterilization.

300ml Glass Solvent Filters System

Technical Data

No.BranchFunnel SizeFunnel ValveSupport ScreenScreen Pore SizeConnectionCollection Bottle
SLGSF03001Single300mLGlassPyrex glass10μmGround Joint1000mL

Ordering Information

DescriptionPart No.Pcs/pack
300mL Glass Solvent FilterSLGSF030011
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