Operation and Accessories on Vacuum Filtration

Operation of vacuum filtration

Vacuum filtration (500ml Glass Solvent Filtration Apparatus, Glass Triple-Branches Lab Vacuum Filtration System, Stainless Steel 6-Branches Buchner Funnel Vacuum Filtration) designed by Hawach does not need to use traditional buffer bottles and other accessories, thus customers can operate more simply and easy to use. All the firmware and spare parts required for each filter are concentrated in one body, and the space occupied is greatly reduced. The magnet at the bottom of the filter bottle can be firmly adsorbed on the machine to avoid toppling and shaking.

All stainless steel shell is strong and durable, easy to wipe and clean. Besides, the filter gasket adopts stainless steel making process, and the gasket watch is smooth to ensure the high smoothness of the filter film at the end of filtration, which is beneficial to the subsequent drying and weighing operation.

Accessories of vacuum filtration

  1. Filter Flasks:
    • These flasks are designed to withstand vacuum pressure and are used to collect the filtrate.
  2. Filter Funnels:
    • Funnels come in various sizes and materials and hold the filter paper or membrane in place during filtration.
  3. Filter Papers and Membranes:
    • Different pore sizes and materials are available for specific filtration needs.
  4. Vacuum Pumps or Aspirators:
    • Provide the vacuum pressure needed for filtration. Vacuum pumps can be oil-based or oil-free, depending on the application.
  5. Rubber Stoppers and Tubing:
    • Create airtight seals between the flask, funnel, and vacuum source.
  6. Clamps and Support Stands:
    • Secure the funnel in place and provide stability to the apparatus.
  7. Receiver Flasks or Bottles:
    • Collect the filtrate from the vacuum filtration process.
  8. Buchner Funnels:
    • Used for vacuum filtration in combination with a filter flask and a Büchner flask adapter. These funnels often have a perforated plate for improved support of filter papers.
  9. Manifold Systems:
    • Allow for parallel or simultaneous filtration of multiple samples.
  10. Solvent Reservoirs:
    • Containers that hold the solvent or solution to be filtered.
  11. Pressure Regulators:
    • Control and regulate the vacuum pressure applied to the filtration system.
  12. Vacuum Traps:
    • Prevent contaminants or liquids from reaching the vacuum pump by trapping them in a separate container.

Ensure that all components are properly cleaned and assembled to maintain the integrity of the vacuum filtration process. Regular maintenance and adherence to proper laboratory techniques contribute to the efficiency and longevity of the vacuum filtration system.

Other accessories such as diaphragm vacuum pumps and glass solvent filters are also available in Hawach. The pump body is made of all-PTFE hard materials and has a strong resistance to acid and alkali chemical corrosion.

The user does not have to worry about the corrosion and damage of internal parts for a long time. With a vacuum gauge and control valve, vacuum and filter speeds can be adjusted according to the actual needs.