Liquid Ring Pump

The liquid ring vacuum pump and the liquid ring compressor are collectively referred to as a liquid ring pump. The liquid ring pump can be used as both a vacuum pump and a compressor, or it can be used separately as a vacuum pump and a compressor. The liquid ring pump has been nearly 100 since its invention.

A liquid ring pump is a fluid machine that uses a rotating liquid as a sealing ring to transport gas, wherein the liquid acts as a piston. It relies on the rotation of the impeller to transfer mechanical energy to the rotating liquid ring, and then the liquid ring compresses the gas, transfers the energy to the gas, converts the kinetic energy into the pressure energy of the gas, and achieves the purpose of pumping the gas or aspirating the vacuum.

When the liquid ring pump is working, it must continuously supply supplemental water to the pump, because the supplementary water can take away the heat generated by the compressed gas on the one hand, and can also compensate for the loss of the liquid in the liquid ring pump with the gas discharge on the other hand. The liquid ring pump has different requirements for the amount of replenished water under different working conditions. Too much or too little water will affect the work of the pump.

The traditional design method of the liquid ring vacuum pump is to use an empirical formula to calculate geometric parameters based on known performance parameters and compare the calculated geometric parameters with the actual ones. This method is semi-theoretical and semi-experienced. In the early stage, the method obtained a large number of experiments to obtain the corresponding empirical parameters. Therefore, people have been familiar with this method for a long time, and some relevant experience accumulated in the design process can also be achieved. Excellent design results. However, the precision brought by the experience design is not enough, and it is a one-dimensional design method. Although it has certain practicability, the design and test costs are high.

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