Learn About Vacuum Filtration Pumps

Increasing the rate of filtration through the force on the solution over gravity, vacuum filtration is an operation of evacuating the air below the filter paper to maintain the pressure differential across the filter medium. It is widely applied in the laboratory for various tests such as solvent (mobile phase) refinement before HPLC, GC, AA analysis, etc.

Our vacuum filtration products include glass and steel-less filtration sets, glass solvent filters and vacuum pumps. With two different kinds (standard and anti-corrosion), our diaphragm vacuum pumps are oil-free, low noise level, easy to use, and convenient to carry. And the auto cooling exhaust system of our diaphragm vacuum pump is designed to ensure the continuous operation for 24 hours. They are perfectly suited for laboratory applications.

Pressure adjustable design fitting a certain range of vacuum and gas velocity, our diaphragm vacuum pumps are used in medical products analysis, tenuously chemical engineering, biochemical pharmacy, etc. With good performance of corrosion-resistance, our anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pumps are able to withstand almost all strong acids, strong alkali, strong oxidants, reducing agents and a variety of organic solvents.