Standard Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Hawach standard diaphragm vacuum pump, with advanced design, high working efficiency, and long service life, is a new generation of high-tech integrated products. It is also used in medical and pharmaceutical products in addition to suitable applications for circulating water vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pumps.

The laboratory vacuum pump is a basic instrument that can be used with a variety of instruments and equipment. It is very versatile. With the continuous upgrading of laboratory equipment, the requirements for vacuum pumps as auxiliary instruments are also increasing.

Standard diaphragm vacuum pumps is an oil-free vacuum pump designed based on the user’s new requirements. It solves the problem that traditional pumps need to be filled with water. The pump needs to be added and replaced, and there is pollution. Analysis, fine chemicals, biochemical pharmacy, food inspection, criminal investigation technology, etc., are the supporting products of precision chromatography instruments, and also the necessary equipment for the laboratory. Has obtained a number of national patents, safe and reliable, and easy to apply. The standard diaphragm vacuum pumps uses an oil-free piston structure. It does not require the addition of pump oil or water. It only needs to be plugged in to start the work.

The two-stage series pumping structure design can make it shorter. High vacuum is achieved in the time; the low-noise air-cooling heat dissipation system is installed on the side of the secondary cylinder, which greatly reduces the heat during the working of the machine, ensuring that the model can work continuously for 24 hours for a long time; Working noise, the air outlet is equipped with a silencer to reduce wind noise.

Product description of standard diaphragm vacuum pumps

* No working medium (no oil) is required to produce pollution, and the gas exchange chamber of the machine has built-in filter material to ensure the purity of the air.
* Adopt new technologies and new materials in the production process. It is easy to move and smooth, ensuring ideal vacuum and high air flow.
* Special motor has passed the CE certification of the European Union. It is provided by ODM, a professional export motor manufacturer. It has a reasonable rotation design and is equipped with a temperature protector. It automatically cuts off when the pump temperature reaches 130 °C and protects the motor from the long-term operation. damage.
* Using non-friction film body movement, no heat generation, no friction loss diaphragm adopts imported rubber, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
* The body is designed with an automatic cooling exhaust system to ensure continuous operation for 24 hours.
* Adjustable pressure design to meet a range of vacuum and gas flow rates.
* The bearing adopts imported bearings, which is stable in operation, low in noise and high in work efficiency.
* The parts of the anti-corrosion pump that are in contact with the gas are treated with Teflon surface and have complete chemical resistance. Small size, lightweight, easy to move, save lab space, easy to repair and maintain.