How to Use the Solvent Filter

1. Before use, we must know whether the filter material has influence on the filter membrane. According the material match with the filter membrane.

2. Before use, choose the membrane pore size you need according to your process requirements.

3. The filter membrane should be washed with distilled water before use, then immersed in water at 70 ° C ~ 80 ° C for 4 hours

4. Clean the filter (stainless steel filter can be washed with distilled water, glass filter without filter)

5. Place put the soaked filter between of the filter support mesh and glass sand filter
6. Press the filter with a filter funnel

7. Clip the anodic alumina spring clip on the upper and lower flange.

8. Put the whole filter into the sterilizing pressure cooker and the steam autoclave (121 degrees, 30 minutes). During hot extrusion, avoid direct steam unidirectional pressure on the filter membrane, prevent steam condensation produce subatmospheric pressure and damage the membrane.

9. Please check whether the membrane filter is pressed after disinfection.

10. Turn on the vacuum pump power and depression switch. At this time, there should be the running sound from air pump. You should be affect by the pumping when you touch it by hand. Look at the piezometer to show normal, indicating that the vacuum pump is working order.

11. Shut off the source and turn the governorr’s pressure knob fully open up.

12. Connect the filter and vacuum pump with rubber hose.

13. Pour the filter medium into the filter bowl. Be careful not to be too full.

14. Press the switch and adjust the pressure regulator knob to achieve the required vacuum pressure.

15. After filtering, turn off the power switch

16. Please turn on the pressure regulator knob of the pressure until the pressure inside of the filter returns to normal pressure.

17. After use, remove the filter and thoroughly clean and dry the filter with pure water for the next use.