How to Keep the Vacuum Filtration Instruments in Good Conditions

Good usage habit can help the experimenters to prolong the service life of the vacuum filtration instruments. The experimenters should pay attention to the following items to keep the instruments in good conditions.

1. Please check that if the voltage marked by the nameplate on the back of the instrument corresponds to the local voltage before use it.
2. You’d better use the vacuum filtration instruments in a clean, dust-free, ventilated space with temperature below 40 degrees Celsius.
3. Be careful that the liquid is backing up when using. Although there is a buffer cup equipped in the front end of the vacuum filter instrument, which can effectively prevent a large amount of water from being pumped into the filter pump, the liquid is not completely prevented. When using, please pay attention to prevent the liquid from backing up. Once you see the liquid being pumped in, you should stop using it immediately and send it to repair as soon as possible.
4. The vacuum filter instruments must be placed on a horizontal desktop when working.
5. Turn the power off before installing or removing the silicone tube.
6. The vacuum filter instruments should not be moved, collided or tilted when working.
7. The filter element of the vacuum filter instruments is used to prevent dust from entering the filter pump and purify the gas in the outlet so that the impurities will not be inhaled into the pump. You’d better check regularly and if there is something wrong with it, please replace it as soon as possible.