Hawach Vacuum Filtration: Vacuum Pump

Hawach oil-free vacuum pump

Hawach oil-free vacuum pump is a type of vacuum/pressure pump that uses pistons to generate power. It is oil-free with simple maintenance. It can pump a vacuum or provide a pressure difference. Because of its precise structure and the use of current advanced technology, the noise level is low, which keeps the quiet in laboratory and avoids the interference of the experiment operator noise.

Hawach oil-free vacuum pumps are suitable for use in non-corrosive environments in the biological and food industries. All vacuum pumps only need to add a simple conversion kit, converting the vacuum pump into a pressure pump, to get a multi-purpose laboratory and easily meet customer needs. Also, customers can choose various accessories according to their needs.

Vacuum filtration is equipped with a vacuum suction pump. The oil-free pump is a dry vacuum pump that can be directly used after connecting the power supply. The inlet end of the filter pump is equipped with a vacuum regulating valve, and the vacuum regulating valve is equipped with a vacuum meter to facilitate the observation of the working state of the instrument and to adjust the pressure and pumping speed as required.

Many customers have to buy a vacuum pump when they purchase vacuum filtration. Because the aperture of the filter membrane, filter paper, filter cloth, or filter mesh is small, it will cause great resistance to the liquid passing through the filter membrane, resulting in the liquid being unable to pass through the filter membrane effectively.

The vacuum pump can form a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter bottle, thus making the outside air fast. Quickly push the filtrate through the filter membrane. Without the use of the pumped liquid, the filter membrane can only be permeated naturally and drop by drop into the collecting bottle. So the filter pump is a necessary part.

Features of oil-free vacuum pump

No pollution and no maintenance
Hawach oil-free vacuum pump uses the principle of piston actuation, the oil-free design does not require regular oil maintenance, and there is no problem of oil mist pollution.

Overheat protection device

Each type of Hawach oil-free vacuum pump is equipped with an overheat protection device inside the motor. When the internal temperature of the machine body is too high, it will automatically stop and wait for the temperature to cool down before starting again.
SLVPGM050B-T-Anti-Corrosion Diaphragm Vacuum-PumpSLVPGM100A-Standard-Diaphragm-Vaccum-Pumps

Hawach oil-free vacuum pumps are equipped with filter elements at the air inlet, which can filter dust and moisture, purify the air intake, and extend the service life of the cylinder and piston.

Hawach anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pump

The anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pump is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and other industries to deal with corrosive gases, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum distillation, rotary evaporation, vacuum concentration, centrifugal concentration, solid-phase extraction, etc.

Hawach’s anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pump has an excellent chemical resistance design and all parts in contact with the gas are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Not only the chemical corrosive gas from the inlet to the outlet has good resistance, but also it has good tolerance to condensate. The suction chamber and the chamber where the drive parts are located are sealed and separated to ensure the service life of the mechanical parts.

Features of diaphragm vacuum pump

1. The diaphragm vacuum pump is an oil-free pump. Compared with the rotary vane type oil pump, it will not produce oil mist to pollute the global environment and will not produce polluted waste pump oil, reducing a lot of maintenance work.
2. Compared with the water circulation air pump, a diaphragm vacuum pump has a stable vacuum degree, saves a lot of water resources, and removes the risk of exhaust gas overflowing slowly.
3. High-cost performance, reliable quality, and unique structure design.
4. A variety of models are available to meet the various needs of the laboratory.
5. Taking overheating protection design. if the body temperature is too high, it will automatically shut down, and it will automatically start working after the temperature returns to normal, to ensure the stability and safety of the system.

Customers can also choose corrosion-resistant true air-conditioning pressure filters and other accessories, which not only can prevent solid impurities from entering the pump cavity but also can adjust the appropriate vacuum degree.