Hawach Scientific Stainless Steel Filtration System

Stainless Steel Filtration System Product Introduction

Hawach stainless steel filtration system is widely used in research units, inspection and quarantine institutions, quality monitoring institutions, natural mineral water industry, drinking water industry, the pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry and other sectors of the filter membrane method microbial detection, suspension solid detection, sample purification of the filtration equipment.

Vacuum pump forms a negative pressure environment. The liquid samples to be tested are filtered through the microporous filter membrane, and the microporous microorganisms or solids less than the filter membrane are separated for further detection and analysis.

Operation method

As applications in microbiological detection is: placed sterile microporous membrane filter in sterilization filtration system support mat, mount has sterilization filter cup, pour in the liquid sample to be detected, open the oil-free diaphragm vacuum pumps, open the corresponding filter cup valve for the suction filter, the samples contained in the enrichment of microorganisms trapped on the membrane filter, and then the membrane filter to the medium of thermostatic cultivation, count corresponding colonies.

Product features

The filter cup connectors of this filtration system are equipped with independent switches, which can filter a single sample independently or multiple samples at the same time, which can save a lot of time when testing a large number of samples.

High-quality 316L sintered stainless steel filter membrane support pad is adapted to ensure that the filter membrane does not break or perforate during the process of extraction and filtration, so as to ensure the accuracy of sample detection.

In addition, the trapped microorganisms can be evenly distributed on the filter membrane surface for the convenience of observation of experimental results.