Corrosion-Resistant Vacuum Pump

Hawach vacuum diaphragm pump is designed according to the principle of volume pump. When the motor drives the connecting rod to move up and down, it drives the diaphragm to open and close, changes the volume of the diaphragm chamber, changes the pressure of the medium, and achieves inhalation and discharge.

corrosion-resistant vacuum pump

Core technology

* Teflon-treated Air chamber and air road, this makes perfect anti-corrosion ability. This model has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and organic solvent properties.
* Extremely high Ultimate Vacuum at 15mbar, this makes higher vacuum efficiency, higher efficiency than most of the pumps in the market and also higher than general Hawach pumps. It can be used with a Rotary evaporator.
* Made of imported bearings, this assured smooth operation and low noise.
* Aerospace class diaphragm makes super high durability.
* The pump made of the imported electrical power system, and automatic cooling exhaust system, ensures continuous operation 24 hours a day.

Main features and advantages

1) Resistance to reinforcement chemical corrosion;
2) pollution-free and maintenance-free;
3) Low noise and vibration;
4) Overheat protection.


Rotating evaporation;
Vacuum drying;
Vacuum distillation;
Solid-phase extraction.
Chemical Laboratories: Corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps are commonly used in chemical laboratories where experiments involve corrosive chemicals.
Analytical Instruments: Instruments such as mass spectrometers or gas chromatographs that handle corrosive gases may benefit from corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps.
Pharmaceutical and Biotech: Applications in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, especially those involving corrosive solvents, may require corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps.
Chemical Processing: In chemical manufacturing or processing plants, vacuum pumps used in corrosive environments are crucial for various applications.


Regular Inspection: Conduct regular inspections to ensure that the pump components remain in good condition, and replace any parts showing signs of corrosion.
Proper Shutdown Procedures: Follow proper shutdown and storage procedures, especially if the pump will not be in use for an extended period.
Scheduled Maintenance: Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to prolong the life of the pump in corrosive environments.

Maximum flow rate20L/min
Rated voltage110V/220V
Rated power130W
Pump Head TypeTwo-stage Air Pump
Limit vacuum8mbar
Maximum operating pressure1bar
Applicable mediumStrong acid and alkali gases
Interface specification10mm
Medium and ambient temperatures range5~40C
Environmental relative humidity<80%
Pump Head MaterialPTFE
Composite diaphragm materialPTFE (non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements)
Valve materialValve material FFPM (non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements)
Work systemContinuous work
Noise< 70 dB
Rated speed1450 RPM
Overall dimensions (L *W *H)315*165*210mm