Components of the Vacuum Filtration

Filtration is the technique to separate a solid from a fluid by bypassing the mixture through a filter. You can find two types of filtration we usually use in the lab. It is very important to choose the right type for your application.

Gravity filtration, also known as simple filtration, is a way to remove solid impurities from the liquid. It can be used to collect the liquid as well as the solid product, such as the drying agent or leftover reactant.

Vacuum filtration also known as suction filtration, is used to collect a desired solid when you want to isolate it for further analysis. As the reduced pressure can force the solution and the air to go through the filter paper, vacuum filtration is faster than gravity filtration.

To meet your needs, Hawach always has glass and stainless steel products of vacuum filtration available, such as Stainless Steel Triple-Branches Vacuum Filtration Unit. And they are equipped with a separate valve, which means that you can save time by filtering single or multiple samples at the same time. Remember, if what you want is the liquid, or if the liquid is low boiling, do not use vacuum filtration.

Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

In HAWACH, vacuum filtration is generally composed of a filter device and a vacuum pump. This device is made of hard glass, which is characterized by uniform wall thickness, high-pressure resistance, high acid, and alkali resistance, strong interchangeability, and tolerance of temperatures up to 270 degrees Celsius. Moreover, this product is of uniform wall thickness, which is beneficial for high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization. The good design guarantees that flow is fast, standard grinding, and excellent sealing performance. Hawach complete product size and specifications can provide you with a wider selection.

Components of the filter device

1. Glass section: glass filter cup, high-borosilicate filter head, stainless steel filter holder 316L, stainless steel valve, aluminum alloy clamp, dust cover, and rubber plug.
2. Stainless steel section: all stainless steel filter cup 316L, stainless filter head 316L, stainless filter bracket 316L, stainless steel valve, aluminum alloy clip, and rubber plug.
3. Solvent filter: triangular accumulator (1L) sand core filter head, filter cup (300ml), fixing clamp, dust cover, hose, hose linker.

Vacuum pump

1. Bestseller: 033A and 050B Vacuum Pump (pumping speed is 20/30 respectively)
2. Some concepts:
a. Maximum vacuum: it refers to the degree of rarefaction of gas in the vacuum state of the device being pumped under the condition of the maximum vacuum pumping capacity of the pump.
b. Maximum vacuum pressure: this refers to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum device under the maximum vacuum stated of the pump.
c. The maximum vacuum and maximum vacuum pressure are inversely proportional. The higher the pressure is, the smaller the vacuum degree is, which indicates the higher limit of the pump to vacuum.