Compact Structure and Qualified Technique of Vacuum Filtration

Compact Structure of Vacuum Filtration

This machine has a simple and compact structure, reliable operation of the vacuum system, and high vacuum. In order to prevent the liquid in the vacuum negative pressure tank from entering the vacuum pump, we set up and down contacts in the vacuum pump. When the liquid reaches a predetermined height, the vacuum pump automatically opens to pass.

Compact Structure:

  1. Filtration Flask: This is the container where the mixture to be filtered is placed. It has a sidearm for connection to the vacuum source.
  2. Filter Funnel: It is attached to the filtration flask and holds the filter paper or membrane through which the liquid will pass.
  3. Filter Paper or Membrane: This is the porous medium through which the liquid passes while retaining the solid particles.
  4. Rubber Stopper or Adapter: It connects the filtration flask to the vacuum source and ensures an airtight seal.
  5. Vacuum Source: This could be a vacuum pump or an in-house vacuum line, which generates the reduced pressure necessary for filtration.

At the same time, open the bleed solenoid valve and start it automatically after the liquid is drained.

Six-Branches Stainless Steel Vacuum Filtrations

Qualified Technique of Vacuum Filtration

What’s more, it is a good technique for quickly drying out samples in a small-batch solution. The vacuum filtration technique improves vacuum filtration, and it is a qualified technique for testing samples for pollution or contamination. Special designed spin-lock connections create a convenient and stable assembly without clamps, and the fence-like platform avoids bottles of tipping.

The filter holder constitutes shatterproof, high-temperature tolerance, and strong acid tolerance property. The filter flask and the vacuum trap are composed of good quality glassware. Thick-walled tubing can be used as well in operation. It is better to keep the trap clean to prolong the service life, and it can prevent something from getting sucked in there. It is also an easier way to recover it from a clean trap without complex operation.

High Performance of Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration device is mainly used in high performance liquid chromatography mobile phase filtration, particle material analysis, and microbial contamination detection. They are standing equipment in chemical laboratories. Using high quality borate glass or 316 L sanitary grade stainless steel as material, all kinds of the aqueous solution, organic matter, and corrosive liquid can be filtered in the analysis, and 121°C hot pressing disinfection can be carried out.

1. Solvent filter is fragile, must not be moved as a whole, especially with a clip;
2. The filter membrane to select qualified products, unqualified will dissolve into impurities, can be soaked in the solvent to be filtered for 24 hours to see if there is a dissolution phenomenon, in order to investigate the quality of the filter membrane;
3. Filter membrane is divided into organic and water systems, to distinguish.
4. Film regardless of anyway, but it is best to smooth face up, rough face down filtering effect will be good.
5. Waste filter membrane should not be discarded at will, filter membrane pollution to the environment, not the crimson solution. Collect unified processing.
6. Solvent filter matching oil-free vacuum pump exhaust, do not wait for the liquid after the hose, should not be pulled out, will flatten the hose, when there is a little liquid stop pump.
7. Filtered solvents to avoid secondary pollution