Characteristics and Application of Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtration

Stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration is a solution filtration device in the laboratory. Compared with the glass material sand core filter device, the stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration is more efficient and faster. The filtration of six samples requires only one pump to complete the filtration. Improve the efficiency of laboratory work. And the stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration filter frame has its own independent control valve, so it can support single and multiple simultaneous operations.

The two types of glass vacuum filtration that are particularly popular in the market – single-branch and multiple-branch vacuum filtration. Compared with single-branch vacuum filtration, multiple-branch vacuum filtration is more frequently used for laboratory sample filtration with high laboratory productivity.

Features of Stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration

First of all, the multiple-branch glass vacuum filtration provides a more efficient and faster performance by allowing multiple samples to be filtered simultaneously. Secondly, since it has independent control valves for each filter frame, both single and multiple simultaneous operations are supported at the same time. Thirdly, its unique high-quality glass material could undertake sterilization under high pressure and temperature. It is typically suitable for laboratory sample filtration, aseptic testing of large infusions, and microbial detection.

1. Stainless steel filter is easy to be high-temperature disinfection, high temperature, and corrosion resistance.
2. It has the advantages of safety, superior performance, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, high efficiency, and energy saving.

Applications of Stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration

Stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration is widely used in chemical analysis, biochemical pharmacy, sanitary inspection, environmental monitoring, water quality analysis, food, and beverage, scientific research, etc. The product meets the United States Pharmacopoeia standards, can monitor three or one samples at the same time, has high sensitivity, and is easy to operate, according to the needs of the operator, filter membranes of different materials can be used to filter different samples, such as suspended matter in the sample, bacteria Class, chlorophyll, etc., suitable for laboratory solution filtration.

Precautions Operation of Stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration

During the operation, the sealing of the glass vacuum filtration should be ensured to prevent leakage of solvents or gas. Also, never pump the filtered solution into the vacuum pump while it is connected to the vacuum filtration.

If the filtration speed is slowed down obviously, it is acceptable to pick up the filter screen and rinse the back of it repeatedly by using tap water. After the end of the operation, remember to rinse and completely clean the vacuum filtration.