Brief Introduction of Vacuum Filtration

Hawach Scientific vacuum filtration is used primarily in analytical procedures that involve collecting particulate from different liquid suspensions. Applying a vacuum can shorten process time compared to gravity flow. Vacuum filtration holders and manifolds are designed for simultaneously diverse samples filtrate because every filter holders are equipped with individual control valves, one set vacuum pump is enough to support one-branch or multi-branch manifold filter operate together without failure.

Glass solvent filters (300mL Glass Solvent Filter, 500ml Glass Solvent Filtration Apparatus) and glass vacuum filtrations (such as Glass Triple-Branches Lab Vacuum Filtration System) are all elegant in workmanship with high quality extra hard glass and can tolerate high temperature and pressure. Besides, vacuum filtration produced by Hawach Scientific is able to bear corrosion, easy to high-temperature sterilization.

Currently, vacuum filtration is widely applied in laboratory and various tests such as microorganism tests in food, pharmacy, beverage, drinking water industries and suspended solid test in the water treatment field, etc. Vacuum filtration provided by Hawach Scientific provides high-quality components for all labs’ vacuum filtration processes.

The whole production process has a strict quality inspection procedure, which can effectively avoid the problem of leakage and blockage. Besides, Hawach vacuum filtration adopts advanced pumping structure, which has the advantages of low noise, low vibration, extremely stable operation, and low failure rate.

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Principle of Operation:

The fundamental principle of vacuum filtration lies in the pressure differential established between the atmosphere and a vacuum source. This difference in pressure forces the liquid component of a mixture (known as the filtrate) through a filter medium, while retaining the solid particles. The process is accelerated due to the reduced pressure, making it an efficient means of separation.


The setup typically involves a filter flask connected to a vacuum pump or water aspirator. A filter assembly, comprising a filter funnel and filter paper or membrane, is placed in the neck of the flask. The mixture to be filtered is poured into the funnel, and the vacuum source is activated.

Performance of Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration developed by Hawach is noted for perfect design and good performance. The overall design and accessories are more in line with the needs of different clients. The surface of vacuum filtration is uniform and delicate, which is good for liquids flowing and impurities removal. And it can remove the impurities in the solvent and has a certain gas removal effect, all those properties can effectively improve the service life of the vacuum filtration, and simultaneously ensure that the liquid circuit will not be blocked and the accuracy of detection can be ensured.

Characteristics of Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration offered by Hawach Scientific has confidence in the analyze result much more stabilization and trustiness. Every holder has an individual control valve, agility for use, high efficiency and convenience in antisepsis. It can be used to test several samples at the same time, high sensitivity, low false positive, and easy to operate. Stainless steel vacuum filtration causes no contamination with process multiple samples simultaneously.

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Variety of vacuum filtration

All products are designed and developed by advanced technicians, the size of the model is complete, price is reasonable, and a wide range can also be customized according to customer demand. Concretely speaking, vacuum filtration supplied by Hawach Scientific includes stainless steel type and glass type. Glass vacuum filtration is available in one-branch, three-branch, and six-branch types. Stainless steel vacuum filtration is available in one-branch, three-branch, and six-branch types. We hope that the spirit of enthusiasm and professionalism can help you select a satisfactory product. Contact us for more details.

Maintenance of vacuum filtration

The field running shows that the vacuum filtration features reliable, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The gasket part of the filter bottle can be separated from the filter bottle, which is very convenient for cleaning after extraction.

Especially after filtering viscous samples, the removed filter gasket is easier to clean from all angles. Free warranty is for 12 months, free replacement, free inspection, and maintenance of damaged parts are performed during the warranty period. However, it excludes situations where damage is caused by human factors or improper use in the operation and maintenance process.