Background and Rational of Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration is a device that realizes solid separation with vacuum negative pressure as the driving force. In terms of the structure, the filtration section is arranged along the horizontal length direction, which can continuously complete filtration, washing, drying, and other operations. It is mainly used for solid-liquid separation, liquid clarification, sterilizing, removing impurities, and also for room temperature reactions.

Background and Rational of vacuum filtration

Traditionally, the separation is usually carried out by a conical funnel with filter paper of different sizes, through which the liquid is pushed through the filter membrane by natural penetration and gravity. However, there exist great disadvantages. The pore size of the filter membrane will cause great resistance to the liquid, resulting in an extremely slow filtration speed. Compared with the traditional separation method, vacuum filtration can help greatly improve filtration efficiency and save time.

Main performance of vacuum filtration

1. Filtration bottle is made of borosilicate glass with excellent chemical and physical properties.
2. It has stainless steel brinell funnel, with excellent physical and chemical properties.
3. Stirring plug is made of special PTFE material, with perfect technology, corrosion resistance, and high-cost performance.
4. There is no blind corner in the container, which is detachable for solid material discharge.
5. The machine is completely sealed, and the negative pressure can reach below 0.095 mpa at rest.

Hawach 300ml Glass Solvent Filters

Advantages of HAWACH Vacuum Filtration

The core highlights of the HAWACH vacuum filtration device can be represented from the following aspects:

(1) Pump

Such as Standard Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps and Anti-Corrosion Diaphragm Vacuum Pump.
1. Advanced design, high work efficiency, and long service life.
2. It can work without any medium(oil-free pump), without pollution. Meanwhile, the air exchange chamber of the machine is built with filtering materials, so as to ensure the purity of the air.
3. Ideal vacuum degree and high air velocity
4. The motor is provided by ODM, a professional export motor manufacturer
5. It is equipped with a hot power protector: when the temperature of the pump reaches 130℃, the power will cut off automatically to protect the motor from loss.
6. Adopt frictionless membrane body movement, o heat, and no friction loss. Adopt imported rubber for the diaphragm, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
7. The machine is designed with automatic cooling and exhausting system to ensure 24-hour continuous operation.
8. There is a surface treatment by Teflon for the connected parts of the anti-corrosion pump and gas, which has complete resistance to chemical corrosion.

(2) Stainless Steel Multi-connection Vacuum Filter

Such as Stainless Steel Triple-Branches Vacuum Filtration Unit and Stainless Steel 6-Branches Buchner Funnel Vacuum Filtration.
1. It can process multiple samples at the same time with no pollution and can improve working efficiency.
2. Stainless steel filters can be easily used for high-temperature disinfection, with high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

(3) Solvent filter

Such as 300mL Glass Solvent Filter and 500ml Glass Solvent Filtration Apparatus.
1. With high-quality glass materials, which is smooth and transparent, with no bubble.
2. The glass material is used to resist temperature variation up to 280℃.
3. It has good pressure resistance and can be used for high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization
4. With fast flow, standard grinding, and good sealing performance.
5. The size and specification are in line with international standards, which can match various foreign brands.