Application Range and Maintenance of Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

Oil-free vacuum pumps can be used for the following tasks:

1. The vacuum suction line on the automatic packaging line opens the bag and charges.
2. Paper vacuum on the printing machine.
3. High-efficiency vacuum filling of various liquids into the bottle.
4. Vacuum forming of various plastic products.
5. The airtightness test of the surface of the object under vacuum.
6. The carton and bottle items of the standard vacuum suction paste.
7. Photographic plate making under vacuum suction.
8. Guide the gas analysis using the pressure difference under a vacuum.
9. A variety of medical machinery automatic online supports use.
10. Vacuum chuck clamp for processing non-magnetic parts.
11. Leak test of various containers under vacuum.
12. Application on food processing machinery.
13. Chinese and Western pharmaceutical companies vacuum distillation and drying.
14. Vacuum suction in the operating room of the hospital.
15. Gas analysis, physical and chemical experiments in institutions, research institutes, factories, and mines.
16. Supporting the use of various medical instruments.

Use maintenance of oil-free vacuum pumps

1. It should have adequate ventilation conditions and an ambient temperature below 40 °C.
2. Clean the place without dust and dirt.
3. Water, oil, and other liquids will fall onto the pump.
4. Not directly exposed to the sun.
5. There is enough space to facilitate the inspection, maintenance, and assembly of the pump.
6. The pump must be mounted on a flat surface.
7. It is best to install the pump on a concrete-like foundation. If there are no conditions, the pump can be firmly mounted on a steel or wooden frame.
8. Must ensure that the pump does not cause vibration due to the foundation is not strong.
9. The pipe connected to the pump should not be too long and less than the inlet diameter of the pump, affecting the pumping speed. Also, check the vacuum connection pipe for leaks.
10. When connecting the wires, pay attention to the wiring requirements specified on the motor nameplate. The three-phase electric pump should pay attention to the direction of rotation of the motor and should be consistent with the direction of the marked arrow on the pump.