About the Use of Laboratory Vacuum Filtration Device

Vacuum filtration device is mainly used for liquid chromatography mobile phase filtration, particulate matter analysis, and microbial pollution detection, etc, which is standing equipment in chemical laboratories. Borate glass or 316L sanitary stainless steel is used as the material, and various aqueous solutions, organics, and corrosive liquids can be filtered during the analysis, and 121℃ autoclaving can be performed.
Glass One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations
1. After the external power supply is turned on, turn on the main power switch, and the power indicator on the control panel is on.
2. Open the upper ring of the filter disc, lay a filter cloth or filter paper on the porous sieve plate, then lower the upper ring, and use the compression hook to press it to the disc base.
3. Start the vacuum pump, the pointer of the vacuum gauge reaches 91.1KPa in about ten seconds.
4. Pour the slurry into the corresponding filter disc. The solenoid valve filter that starts the working filter disc starts to work. During the filtering process, do not start the non-working filter disc.
5. When the filtrate surface in the vacuum negative pressure tank reaches the upper contact, the vacuum pump will automatically stop, and the gas release solenoid valve will open the filtrate at the same time to start the discharge. When the liquid level drops to the lower contact, it will automatically start again, and the filter will continue to work, until the end of the filter.
6. Stop the pump and stop the working filter disc solenoid valve when the slurry in the filter disc is cake-shaped after suction filtration. At this time, open the non-operating filter disc solenoid valve once to discharge the liquid in the vacuum negative pressure tank in time.
7. Open the upper ring of the filter plate, remove the filter cake, and wipe the upper plate ring clean for the next time.
8. It is necessary to check whether there is water in the water separation filter during and after the work. If there is water, it should be released on time.
9. To prevent foreign matter from entering the solenoid valve, cover the two filter discs after the work is finished.
10. Turn off the main power after the test.