About The Maintenance Of Vacuum Pump

The importance of maintenance

The quality of a vacuum pump depends on its mechanical structure and the quality of the oil. It must be protected when using a vacuum pump. If the organic solvent with high volatility is distilled, the organic solvent will increase the vapor pressure by the oil absorption, thereby reducing the pumping efficiency. The acid gas, if it is will corrode the oil pump. If it is water vapor, it will make the oil into an emulsion and bring damage to the vacuum pump.

Points needing attention

Therefore, the following points must be paid attention to when using a vacuum pump:
1. An absorption device must be installed between the distillation system and the vacuum pump.
2. The steam of the organic solvent in the system must be completely removed by a water pump before distillation.
3. If you can pump with a water pump, try to use a water pump. If the distilled material contains volatile substances, you can use a water pump to depressurize and then use the oil pump.
4. The pressure relief system must be kept airtight. All rubber stoppers should be of suitable size. 5. The rubber hose should be vacuum hose. The ground glass is coated with vacuum grease.

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