About the Classification of Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm vacuum pumps have the advantages of advanced design, wide work scope, and long service life. The pumps are mainly applied in the areas of medical product analysis, fine chemical engineering, biochemical pharmaceuticals, food detection, and public security criminal investigation technology. Furthermore, standard vacuum filtration pump are the products that support precision analytical instruments, and they are necessary equipment for laboratories.

Most diaphragm vacuum pumps can be operated without any working medium and do not produce any pollutants. At the same time, the gas exchange chambers of the pumps are equipped with filter materials so that a clean vacuum effect or positive pressure power will be guaranteed.

In general, diaphragm vacuum pumps always adopt new technology and new materials. The diaphragm vacuum pump body is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which is light and beautiful, has a wide application range, and the air chamber is made of nylon material. It has high corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements of various working environments. They have compact and reasonable structures as well as small volume, low weight, and easy movement. In a word, the stable operation of diaphragm vacuum pumps can ensure the ideal vacuum effect or high flow capacity of the air current.

Moreover, diaphragm vacuum pumps adopt membrane movement without producing heat and frictional loss, which leads to long service life. Also, diaphragm vacuum pumps are equipped with a self-cooling exhaust system which can ensure 24 hours of continuous work.

Diaphragm vacuum pump, with advanced design, high work efficiency, and long service life, is a new generation of high-tech integrated products. Mainly used in medical and pharmaceutical product analysis, fine chemicals, biochemical pharmacy, food inspection, public security criminal investigation technology, etc. It is a product for its precision chromatography instruments and one of the necessary equipment for the laboratory.

Diaphragm vacuum pump design, high work efficiency, long service life, is a new generation of high-tech integrated products. It is mainly used in medical and pharmaceutical product analysis, fine chemical, biochemical pharmacy, food inspection, public security criminal investigation, and other fields. It is a product for its precision chromatography instruments and one of the necessary equipment for the laboratory.

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The function of the vacuum pumps is to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber and reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber to achieve the required vacuum.

In the laboratory, the vacuum pump is used more and more, and most laboratory equipment is equipped with a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump can be used with other instruments. For example, the equipment often used is vacuum filtration, microbial detection, waste liquid extraction, rotary evaporator, vacuum drying oven, and freeze dryer. The requirements for vacuum pumps vary from instrument to equipment. Hawach will introduce you to the types of vacuum pumps commonly used in the laboratory.

As a vacuum filtration device, the vacuum pump is frequently used and it can be classified into four general kinds.

Dry vacuum pump
Dry vacuum pump, also known as the oil-free vacuum pump, relies on the machine’s own components to achieve the required vacuum, which is non-polluting and maintenance-free. The most used in the laboratory are oil-free piston vacuum pumps for microbiology laboratories and corrosion-resistant diaphragm vacuum pumps for chemical laboratories.

Non-dry vacuum pump
The non-dry vacuum pump is classified into an oil vacuum pump and a water circulation vacuum pump. Common to both vacuum pumps is the need to achieve the desired degree of vacuum with other materials such as water and oil.

Liquid ring pump
Although the liquid ring pump is a rough vacuum pump, it still has a large market in the petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile, paper, and pharmaceutical fields. Since most of the liquid ring pump is casting and belongs to a labor-intensive product, it has a competitive advantage in price. The key is to improve the design, reduce volume and weight, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

Slide valve pump
Because the spool valve pump is more durable and reliable, all kinds of vacuum furnaces, coating machines, and drying and impregnation equipment at home and abroad use the slide valve pump as the foreline pump.

Direct coupling rotary vane pump
With the continuous expansion of vacuum technology in various application fields, the demand for direct-coupled rotary vane pumps is increasing. It requires heavy processing and assembly work, and the price is very low.

Roots pump
From the sales of the world-known companies, the root pump production is not big. But it has been used in petroleum, chemical, plastics, pesticides, turbine rotor dynamic balance, aerospace space simulation, and other devices.