6-Branches Vacuum Filtration Manifold

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6-branches glass vacuum filtration manifold is made of high-quality silicate, can bear hot pressure disinfection, flange mouth is fine grinding, compact performance reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, surface bright and clean, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, easy to use, durable. It is the equipment used by colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical factories, and hospitals to filter bacteria, microorganisms, and particles as a culture medium, blood products, and liquid medicines.

The vacuum filtration method utilizes a pressure difference formed between the atmospheric pressure and the generated vacuum to overcome the resistance of the filter layer and performs a water filtration clarification process, which is commonly used for sludge drying.

The vacuum drum filter used in production generally has a vacuum of 300-500 mm Hg, and the rotating speed of the drum is about one to several revolutions per minute. The filter cloth is usually made of wool or nylon. The filtration capacity is 10-40 kg/(m2h) of dry mud, the thickness of the cake is 5-10 mm, and the water content is 70-80%. Less floor space, but with high operating costs.

Vacuum filtration process

Generally, the vacuum filter is used to rotate the cylinder to form a filter cloth, a radial fan-shaped compartment is arranged in the crucible, and the rotary valve is operated to make each compartment pressurize or decompress. The sludge is dehydrated under reduced pressure, and a mud cake is formed on the filter cloth, and the mud cake and the dirt adhering to the filter cloth are separated during the pressurization.

Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
Six-Branches Stainless Steel Vacuum Filtrations
Glass Six- Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Main Features

1. The filter bottle is made of high-quality, high-strength special hard glass, which can resist extreme temperature variations up to 200℃ and has good pressure resistance. Beautiful and generous production, uniform wall thickness, no bubbles, and international standard size, can be matched with a variety of foreign brands.
2. Only one vacuum air source can complete all the operations, saving a lot of time, convenient and fast.
3. Filter number: 6
4. Filter cup capacity: 300ml
5. Filter cup material: high borosilicate glass
6. Equipped with a membrane diameter: Φ 47 – Φ 50mm
7. Can work under 180℃ – 200℃ high temperature

Vacuum filter product use

· Used for filtration of tissue culture fluid, biological fluid, and localization buffer
· Filter cell culture medium and other aqueous solutions
· Sterile filtration of solutions that cannot be autoclaved
· For sterilization filtration and filtration of difficult-to-filter aqueous solutions using glass fiber pre-filtration membranes

Vacuum filter application

* Ideal for filtering tissue culture fluids, biological fluids, antibodies, etc.
* Cell culture fluid and other aqueous solutions
* Sterilization filtration of solutions that cannot be autoclaved

There are three forms of vacuum filters: a full filter/storage unit, a top filter, and a receiving bottle. The pore size of the membrane is 0.22 μm and 0.45 μm, with a high flow rate and high throughput, low protein binding, and so on.