Working Principle of Vacuum Filtration

The working principle of vacuum filtration is to form negative pressure at the outlet of filtrate and use it as the driving force of filtration. The vacuum filtration equipment with intermittent operation is mainly introduced below. This equipment can filter suspensions of various concentrations.

Intermittent operation of vacuum filtration equipment has been developed because of its ability to achieve automated operation. The working principle of this equipment is as follows:

The containers are separated into upper and lower chambers by filter media, which constitutes a simple suction and filtration equipment. The suspension is added to the upper chamber. Under the action of pressure, the filter medium enters the lower chamber and becomes the filtered liquid. The solid particles are intercepted on the surface of the filter medium to form the filter residue.

During the filtration process, the vacuum filtration residue layer accumulated on the surface of the filter medium gradually thickens, and the resistance of liquid passing through the filter residue layer increases, and the filtration speed decreases. When the filter chamber is full of filter residue or the filtering speed is too small, stop filtering, remove the filter residue, and regenerate the filter medium to complete a filtering cycle.