Vacuum Filtration Operation

The vacuum filtration operation, that is, suction filtration, is an operation of reducing the pressure in the suction filter bottle by means of an air pump to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. The device requires a Buchner funnel, a suction filter bottle, a hose, an air pump, a filter paper, and the like.

Principle: The suction pump is used to reduce the pressure in the suction bottle.
Purpose: To achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation

Brinell funnel, suction filter bottle, hose, air pump, filter paper

1. Install the instrument and check whether the Buchner funnel is closely connected to the suction filter bottle, and whether the air pump connection port is leaking;
2. Trim the filter paper slightly smaller than the Buchner funnel ,but cover all the holes and add distilled water so that the filter paper is tightly attached to the funnel;
3. Turn on the air pump switch, pour the solid-liquid mixture, and start suction filtration.
4. After filtering, first take out the suction filter bottle and then close the suction pump.
5. Try to make the material to be filtered in the center of the Buchner funnel to prevent it from passing through the gap between the funnel and the filter paper.