Use And Precautions Of Diaphragm Vacuum Filtration Pump

Laboratory vacuum filtration equipment is specially designed for laboratory workers to maintain solid-liquid separation of liquid samples.

Operation Procedures of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

1. Put the glass filter flask on the stainless steel workbench, and insert the silica gel plug of the funnel base into the filter flask.
2. Use pipeline to connect the pump’s connector with the filter flask.
3. Lay the filter membrane on the funnel base, cover the filter flask and rotate gently.
4. Connect the yellow bleeder tube with the bottom drain outlet of the filter flask, and use the fixture to clamp the bleeder tube.
5. Press the power switch to start the pump.
6. Use pressure regulating valve to adjust the vacuum degree (suction) and filtering velocity.

Precautions of Using Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

1. Check the voltage on the data plate of the pump, if it is in line with local voltage.
2. Please use the pump under clean, dust-free and draughty circumstances with the temperature lower than 40℃.
3. The pump must be operated on a horizontal table.
4. Please turn off the power before install and dismantle the silicone tube.
5. Do not move, hit or lean the pump when it is on the operation.