Type And Characteristics Of Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration is one of the most widely used filtration methods in theory and practice. It is used to separate the filtrate by causing a certain degree of negative pressure (vacuum) on the filter medium side. It features in large productivity, the high degree of automation and suitable for large-scale continuous production. It can run continuously, it is easy to control running parameters. Besides, it has the advantages of high filtration efficiency and good effect, compact structure, long service life, convenient installation, and simple operation and maintenance.

Types of Vacuum Filtration
Vacuum Filtration provided by Hawach includes glass and stainless steel, concretely speaking, they are diaphragm vacuum pumps, glass solvent filters, glass vacuum filtrations, and stainless steel vacuum filtration.

Diaphragm vacuum pumps fall into two categories: anti-corrosion diaphragm vacuum pumps and standard diaphragm vacuum pumps. Glass solvent filter falls into 300ml glass solvent filters and 500ml glass solvent filters. Glass vacuum filtration falls into one-branch, three branches or six branches glass vacuum filtrations; stainless steel vacuum filtration falls into One-branch, three branches or six branches stainless steel vacuum filtrations.

Property of Vacuum Filtration
Vacuum Filtration provided by Hawach is characterized by high temperature and corrosion performance, high work efficiency, and excellent quality.