Tips for Performing A Vacuum Filtration Properly

A vacuum filtration normally works faster than a simple gravity filtration. However, as the reduced pressure is used in this filtration, it’s highly recommended to refer to the following tips.

1.Double check the filter flask before performing the filtration to make sure that filter flask is without cracks.

2. Perform the vacuum filtration with a vacuum trap that is clean. If something is sucked in there, it’s easier to recover the vacuum filtration from a clean trap other than a dirty trap.

3. Only apply rubber tubing with heavy wall and connect the filter flask to the aspirator steadily with it. Tubing with thin wall could collapse and lead to filtration failure.

4. Secure the filter flask and the vacuum trap by having them well clamped to avoid their moving or unwanted vibrations during the vacuum filtration.

6. The tubing should be removed from the filter flask before we turn off the vacuum by the time the vacuum filtration is finished. This can be fairly important when an aspirator is used.

Glass One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations
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