Three Ways to Clean Glass Solvent Filters

Hawach glass solvent filters is an important part of laboratory filtration, and many customers often encounter cleaning problems when using glass solvent filters. The conventional cleaning methods mainly include the following:

1. Soaking with an acidic solvent: The advantage of this is that the particles that are clogged in the filter gasket can be melted, but the problem of discoloration of the filter gasket is not possible, and there is no way to effectively improve it. And the effect of cleaning is also uncertain.

2. High-pressure water gun flushing: Through the strong water pressure, the particles that are blocked in the filter element are flushed out, but the effect of this method is effective.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning: It is also a physical cleaning method, which is better than high-pressure water gun cleaning, but has no effect on color contaminated filter elements. At the same time, the customer needs to purchase the device.

In summary, the various methods of cleaning the filter core have certain limitations. Once the filter element is contaminated, it cannot be restored to the factory performance. Therefore, in general, customers are advised to purchase according to the actual user requirements. Customers who must use sand core glass materials should purchase them. Other customers should try not to use this material.