Three-Branches Vacuum Filtration Product Features

1. Quick-connect design: The whole machine can be disassembled, including the filter head and filter tube, which is more convenient for cleaning and disinfecting internal residues. The filter head quick-connect design makes it easy to replace the sterilizing filter head when multi-sample suction filtration, and achieve rapid filtration of multiple samples. The left and right silicone tube connections can be arbitrarily selected, and the vacuum pump can be placed according to the specific laboratory conditions.

2. special “three-claw” filter button design, no need for additional fixtures, easy to handle with one hand and filter, easy to operate, more efficient use.

3. modular design: the filter system filter cup connector is equipped with a separate switch, can be independent of a single sample filtration, can also filter multiple samples at the same time, can save a lot of time when testing a large number of samples. An optional quick-connect vacuum gauge can be used to test the true vacuum of the suction filtration process.

4. scientific and meticulous design: the first in China to use high-quality 316L sintered stainless steel filter support pad to ensure that the filter does not appear crack or perforation during the filtration process, to ensure the accuracy of sample detection, can also make the trapped microorganisms in the filter The surface distribution is uniform and easy to observe the experimental results.

5. Prevent secondary pollution: The filter system is provided with a vent hole in the upper cover of the stainless steel filter cup, and an air filter can be optionally installed to avoid secondary pollution in the suction filtration.

6. Improve the detection efficiency: the stainless steel filter sterilization and disinfection method can be sterilized by wet heat at 121 °C for 15 minutes, dried at 180 °C for 120 minutes, or more efficiently sterilized: the flame selected by the filter system is eliminated. The bacteria are burned at a high temperature for sterilization purposes. The inner wall of the filter bowl has a clear capacity scale for easy dosing.

7. Three-branches vacuum filtration durable material: filter, filter connector, valve, filter bracket, filter cover, filter support pad and other major accessories are produced using 316 high quality stainless steel, not easy to damage.