The Solvent Filter Device

A few days ago, I wrote a summary of the filter membrane. Many customers said that no product had no truth. So what I wrote today is a product that needs to be used in combination with microporous filter membrane – the solvent filter device.

Technical parameters

The solvent filter device also called a solvent filter unit, solvent filter kit, chromatographic solvent filter.T he main components of the solvent filter device are triangle accumulator bottle (1L) sand core filter head, filter cup (300ml), fixed clamp, dust cover, rubber hose, rubber hose linker, and can be equipped with different filter kit and solvent direct extraction adapter.

Main features

The solvent filtration device of the high-quality glass material is with hard mechanical properties, poor resistant to more than 280 ℃ temperature; Smooth appearance and transparent glass with no bubbles ensure a uniform wall thickness.

The solvent filtration device with good pressure resistance and interchangeability can be used for high temperature and high-pressure sterilization.

The size and specification meet international standards and can be matched with foreign brands. International standard size, through the ISO9001 certification, can be matched with a variety of foreign brands; This product also has fast flow, standard grinding mouth, and good sealing performance.