The Salient Features Of Hawach Vacuum Filtrations

Glass Solvent Filters
Glass solvent filter is standing equipment in the chemical laboratory, it can choose different material, different filter pore size filter membrane according to the needs of operators, so as to achieve the purpose of impurity, purification and sterilization insolvent. It is suitable for filtration and degassing of the mobile phase in liquid chromatography analysis, which plays a key role in prolonging the service life of instrument and column and improving the detection accuracy. It has also been widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation, and aseptic experiments.

Glass Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
Glass Vacuum Filtration
Firstly, the suction flask of glass vacuum filtration is made of high borosilicate glass materials and has excellent chemical and physical properties. Also, the glass vacuum filtrations are equipped with the borosilicate Buchner funnel and filtering membrane which have good chemical properties.

Secondly, the friction plug of the glass vacuum filtration is mostly designed with special PTFE materials of advanced technology. It has high corrosion resistance and good cost performance.

Thirdly, the parts of sample loading and unloading are specially designed PTFE valves with glass flanges. In general, they are free of dead corners and easy to disassemble for the unloading of solid samples.

Fourthly, the whole part of the glass vacuum filtration has good sealing property and the negative pressure can reach under 0.095 MPa in the stationary state.

Fifthly, the structure design of the whole part of glass vacuum filtration is scientific. The feature of visualization is outstanding and practical.

Furthermore, the frame and pipe of the glass vacuum filtration are mostly made of stainless steel. When referring to the desktop support, normally it is movable.

On the whole, the glass vacuum filtration is applied in the liquid-liquid extraction. In most situations, it can be also used as a normal temperature reaction filtration.

Stainless-Steel Vacuum Filtrations
The stainless-steel vacuum filtrations are suitable for filtrations of large amounts of samples in the laboratory. Normally, the whole part of the filter holder manifolds is made of stainless steel materials with good corrosion resistance. In general, the stainless-steel vacuum filtrations are mostly applied for all kinds of vacuum filtration experiments in the laboratory, such as the detection and filtration of microorganisms and suspended solids.

Furthermore, the features of stainless-steel vacuum filtrations are listed as per below:
1. The whole part of equipment including the filter cups switch and filter holder manifolds are all made of stainless steel materials. They have good corrosion resistance as well as excellent durability;
2. In most cases, the waste liquid bottles are made of polycarbonate materials with a certain resistance to the mill. In the meantime, the bottles can be put into the autoclave for sterilization;
3. There is a cut-off valve inside of the waste liquid bottle. After the waste liquid bottle is full, the cut-off valve will automatically turn off and effectively prevent the waste liquid from being absorbed into the vacuum pump and further damaging it;
4. The stainless-steel vacuum filtrations are fully equipped with various types of units and thus keep the users out of troubles with installation.