The Operating Steps Of Vacuum Filtration

The specific Operating steps of vacuum filtration are as follows:

1. The whole set of filter bottles should be cleaned before use, washed with clean water several times after cleaning with a washing machine, and finally washed with distilled water. If the sterility test is needed, the whole set of filter bottles can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure before use.
2. Installation methods are detailed in the previous section.
3. Pour the sample to be filtered after installation.
4. Connect the connecting hose to the vacuum pump.
5. Open the vacuum pump and start filtering. When filtering, we should pay attention to the pressure and speed not too fast. Otherwise, it is easy to cause membrane damage.
6. The liquid in the collecting bottle should be handled in time. Otherwise, the liquid in the collecting bottle will be sucked directly into the vacuum pump and the vacuum pump will be damaged.
7. Close the vacuum pump of the vacuum suction device in time after the filtration, especially when the filter membrane is blocked after the filtration, the suction bottle should not be sucked for a long time.