The Multi-Branches Vacuum Filtration

The multi-branches vacuum filtration is a solution filtration device in the laboratory. Compared with the glass sand core filter device, the multi-branches vacuum filtration is more efficient and faster. It can filter multiple samples at the same time with only one pump, which improves the laboratory. Work efficiency. Secondly, each of its filter frames has independent control valves, so it can support single and multiple simultaneous operations. The stainless steel bracket material is made of hygienic stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, can withstand high temperatures of 180 ° C, and is easy to be autoclaved, making the analysis results more stable.


300ML glass filter bowl
High borosilicate filter
Stainless steel filter bracket
Stainless steel valve
Aluminum alloy clip
Dust cover
Rubber stopper


1. One-Branch Vacuum Filtration
2. Three-Branches Vacuum Filtration
3. Six-Branches Vacuum Filtration


1. In the filtration process, an integrated solution is used to support the pollution-free oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump. The entire filtration system can be safely placed and operated efficiently in laboratories, clean rooms, and clean benches.
2. Stainless steel filter is easy to be sterilized at a high temperature and resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
3. To prevent secondary pollution, the filter system can be equipped with a vent hole for the upper cover of the stainless steel filter cup, and an air filter is installed to avoid secondary pollution in the suction filtration.
4. It has the advantages of safety and reliability, superior performance, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving.


Widely used in chemical analysis, biochemical pharmacy, sanitary inspection, environmental testing, water quality analysis, food, beverage, scientific research, etc. The product complies with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standard and can detect three or six samples at the same time. It has high sensitivity and simple operation. According to the operator’s needs, different materials can be used to filter different samples, such as suspended matter in the sample. Bacteria, chlorophyll, etc., suitable for laboratory solution filtration.