The Introduction Of Some Vacuum Filtration Components

Drainage bottle, fixed seat, filtration membrane and water blocking protector of vacuum filtration components. Here are as follows:

Drainage bottle

Used for filling filtrate or waste liquid after filtration. The bottom of the filter bottle of R300S vacuum suction filter device is designed with a quick drainage port. It is only necessary to loosen the clamp of the bottom outlet to drain the liquid quickly, or even to change the drainage edge. Increase rate, easy to operate.

Fixed seat

Steady the filter bottle to avoid misoperation or accidental shaking to make the filter bottle fall.

Filtration Membrane

It is equipped with filter membranes with an aperture of 0.45 micron and a diameter of 47 mm. However, users can also choose appropriate filter membranes with aperture and material according to their own needs. The pore size and material are not affected by the filter device and can be selected according to the customer’s experimental needs.

Water blocking protector

Built-in polytetrafluoroethylene hydrophobic membrane can block 100% of the inverted liquid.