The Features and Maintenance of Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

A diaphragm vacuum pump is a kind of oilless vacuum pumps. Diaphragm refers to the working principle and structure; vacuum refers to the performance and function of the pump.

When a diaphragm vacuum pump is in abnormal condition, make sure to disconnect the power first. Otherwise, do not remove any parts of the pump. Wait for the pump to cool down.

The features of a diaphragm vacuum pump

1. Without any working medium, no oil and pollution, ensuring the purity of the air.
2. New technology and new materials, convenient to move and works smoothly, ensuring ideal vacuum degree and high air flow rate.
3. Frictionless membrane body movement, no heat generated and no friction loss.
4. The diaphragm of a diaphragm vacuum pump is made of imported rubber, corrosion resistant and long service life.
5. Self-cooling exhaust system can ensure 24-hour continuous operation.
6. Imported classic bearing, stable running, low noise and high working efficiency.

The maintenance of a diaphragm vacuum pump

1. Disconnect the power supply;
2. Release the pressure;
3. Filtration materials are particularly prone to dirt in dirty environments.

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