The Brief Introduction Of Components Of Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration is an instrument used in laboratory vacuum filtration. Generally speaking, filtration can intercept particulate matter, clarify filtrate, sterilize, solid-liquid separation, degassing, defoaming and other purposes.

In addition, A relatively complete vacuum suction filter device is composed of many parts. Therefore, the lack of any part will affect the normal use of the instrument. The following is a brief introduction of its components and functions:

Filter Cup
Filling with filtered liquid, generally try to choose a calibrated cup will be more convenient.

The automatic suction cup cover
The user only needs to connect one end of the hose to the automatic air inlet and the other end to the filter for filtration. Turn on the switch, filter automatic suction filter cup, start filtering. No manual sample reversal is required. The operation is simple.

Filtration Membrane Placement Base
Used to prevent the filter membrane, generally requires a smooth surface, will not scratch the filter membrane, and filter cup connection as simple as possible, do not need to use clamps or fixtures.

Six-Branches Stainless Steel Vacuum Filtrations
Glass Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
500ml Glass Solvent Filters