The Basic Knowledge About Vacuum Filtration

The principle of vacuum filtration is forming the negative pressure to drive the filtration at the outlet of the filtrate. This kind of filtration according to the forms of operation is divided into two types: batch operation and continuous operation. The vacuum filtration with batch operation can filter suspensions of various concentration. And the one with continuous operation always uses to filter the thick suspensions with many solid particles.

A simple filtration is a container that is separated into the upper chamber and the lower chamber by filter media. People put the suspension into the upper chamber. The suspension pass through the medium from the upper to the lower. And the solution in the lower chamber is filtrate. The solid particles remained on the surface of the filter medium is filtration residue.

The filtration residue becomes more and more when the vacuum filtration is working. This situation causes the larger resistance. People should stop the filtration work when there is filled with the filtration residue or the speed of filtration is slow and clean up the residue. What people do is to make the filter medium rework or regenerate so as to complete a filtering cycle.

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Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
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