Requirements of Vacuum System

Vacuum Environment on Earth

In terms of the atmospheric pressure of the earth, the vacuum environment is usually obtained by pumping air into a certain closed space. The earlier equipment for pumping is called a vacuum pump with s a relatively low pumping speed and a small degree of limit vacuum, which makes it difficult to meet the needs of production and scientific trails. Afterward, a series of vacuum pumps with different mechanisms were created, and the pumping speed and the limit vacuum were spontaneously improved. For instance, the pumping rate of cryopump can reach 60,000 liters per second, and the limit vacuum can realize one hundred-billionth of a Pa order of magnitude.

Specific factors

In order to guarantee an accessible and working-required vacuum system, besides equipping with appropriate vacuum pumps with good pumping performance, internal components also have to undergo serious leak detection to eliminate the venerable hole which could destroy the vacuum condition. For the low (coarse) vacuum, medium vacuum and high vacuum system, an air pressure leak detection is often applied.
For the ultra-high one, after employing general leak detection methods, a leak detection instrument with higher sensitivity is demanded.