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Glass One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations

No.: SLOGF03001
Branch: Single-branch
Funnel Size : 300mL
Funnel Valve: Glass



Description of Glass Single-Branch Vacuum Filtrations

The Hawach laboratory vacuum filtration device uses a classic oil-free suction filter pump with a sand core filter bottle combination, which is suitable for most general-purpose filtration products required for laboratory filtration. You do not have to worry about whether it is suitable for this experiment after purchase.
The glass single-branch vacuum filtrations provided has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, integral filter, separation valve, single filter sample, good quality, and convenient operation. The size of the vacuum filtration assembly conforms to the international standard. In the process of filtration, the integrated solution is adopted, accompanied by the oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump. The whole set of filtration systems can be safely placed in the laboratory, clean room, ultra-clean work table, and operated efficiently.

Advantages of Glass Single-Branch Vacuum Filtration Device

The filter bottle is made of high-quality high-strength hard glass, which has a temperature difference of 280 °C and has good pressure resistance.
The production is beautiful.
The wall thickness is uniform, with no air bubbles, within the international standard size.
Safe and reliable, excellent performance, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, efficient, energy-saving.


It is widely used in chemical analysis, biochemical pharmacy, sanitary inspection, environmental testing, water quality analysis, food, beverage, scientific research, etc.
Suspended solids detection suction filtration in water, microbial limit detection suction filtration, chromatographic mobile phase filtration, laboratory solution, reagent or organic solvent clarification, removal of impurities or sterilization filtration, can also be used to filter out a particulate matter or Solid is a general-purpose suction filtration device suitable for vacuum filtration in most laboratories.

Glass-One-Branch-Vacuum-Filtrations System

Technical Data

No. Branch Funnel Size Funnel Valve Support Screen Screen Pore Size Connection Collection Bottle
SLOGF03001 One-branch 300mL Glass PTFE 20μm Ground Joint 1000mL

Ordering Information

Description Part No. Pcs/pack
Multiple vacuum filtration system – one branch glass SLOGF03001 1
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