Product Highlights & Core Techniques of Vacuum Filtration

Generally, we introduce advantages of Hawach products mainly around three compositions – the pump, stainless steel multi-continuous vacuum filtration, and vacuum filter holder.

Vacuum Pump

The pump is designed specifically advanced with high working efficiency and long service life. When it is exploited into experiments, there is no medium(oil pump) and no contamination, and the gas exchange tank has inner filter materials to keep air purified. Meanwhile, it possesses an ideal vacuum degree, high air velocity and installed thermal power protector which could cut electricity once the temperature of the pump surpasses 130℃.
Besides, the setting applies to frictionless membrane motivation so that no heat is generated to avoid motor loss.

Stainless Steel Multi-continuous Vacuum Filtration

This can process multiple samples spontaneously to prevent them from polluting each other and enhance working efficiency. The stainless feature is easier to be pasteurized and resists high temperature and erosion.

Vacuum Filter Holder

The holder utilizes superior glass materials which are cleanly transparent without air bubble. In addition, it has excellent pressure resistance for the autoclave.