Overview of Buchner Flask

General description

The Buchner flask, also known as the solvent filter, is a kind of glassware used in the laboratory.

Two Existing Sorts of Buchner Flask

There are two kinds of Buchner flasks.
The first is the separate vacuum filter bottle. Its appearance looks extremely like a conical bottle, among which a difference is that a thin neck is designed on the side to connect with the vacuum pump. When a funnel is placed at the mouth of the filter bottle, this time the water pump starts to extract air, lowering the air pressure in the bottle. If there is any solution left on the filter paper in the funnel, because of the atmospheric pressure and gravity, the solution would flow through the paper into the bottle below remaining the solids on the filter paper to achieve the purpose of filtration. During the filtering with a suction bottle, the ceramic funnel, instead of the conical glass funnel, is usually placed on it.
The second is the suction bottle suit. It is required that a filter paper and a vacuum pump are equipped, and the thin neck on the right side needs to be connected with the vacuum pump.